Opal Johnson-Allen is a dedicated professional with a deep commitment to community upliftment. With a Bachelor of Science in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University and ongoing studies at Selkirk College, Opal exemplifies the importance of continuous education in achieving personal and professional goals.

Having begun her career as an Accountant in Jamaica, Opal has accumulated valuable experience managing financial records and ensuring adherence to regulatory standards. Her tenure as an Assistant Treasurer on the Parish Advisory Council (PAC) of the St. James 4H Clubs underscores her dedication to supporting community initiatives and fostering financial stewardship.

Prior to her relocation to Canada, Opal played an active role in her community of Rosemount Gardens, Montego Bay, mobilizing residents and assisting in fundraising efforts as a Street Leader.

Opal’s unwavering commitment to excellence and her passion for making a positive impact drives her to contribute meaningfully to the betterment of her community.

Giselle was born in Brazil and moved to Canada in late 2018 to learn English, planning to stay only six months. However, she fell in love with Canada’s safety and nature and decided to extend her stay. Upon arriving in the Kootenays, she was warmly welcomed and felt a sense of belonging in the community, which perfectly aligned with her passions for sports and arts. As a digital designer, she brings her creativity and problem-solving skills to her volunteer work, aiming to support newcomers in their journey. Having experienced the challenges of being a newcomer herself, she understands the difficulties immigrants face. She wants to work as a team, believing that sharing her story can inspire and encourage newcomers to overcome their own obstacles.

Eleanor Stacey is the Executive Director of NCTS, which manages The Civic Theatre, The Shoebox Theatre, Reo’s Video, and the Kootenay Screen-Based Industry Initiative, and is a founding partner of the Kootenay Regional Film Commission. She has worked in leadership, fundraising, creation, and youth arts education roles in Canada, the US, and Anguilla, BWI. She is a Rotarian, past board president of The Only Animal Theatre Society (Vancouver), a member of the City of Nelson’s Cultural Development Committee, and a founding board member of the Network of Independent Canadian Exhibitors (NICE). She is a founding board member of Intercultural Kootenays Society and currently sits on the EDIA Committee for the Nelson Police Department. Eleanor is a graduate of Mount Allison University, and holds an MFA in Arts Administration from Brooklyn College (CUNY). She grew up in Nelson and returned in 2013 with her family.

Alisha is the executive director at Kootenay Kids Society in Nelson, located on the tum xula7xw/ traditional territory of the sn̓ʕay̓ckstx/the Sinixt People. Alisha recognizes the many diverse Indigenous persons that are connected to this land.

As an organization, Kootenay Kids Society is committed to fostering equitable engagement with both families and staff. Our mission is to actively contribute to a broader community inclusivity strategy, ensuring that we are cognizant of the unique barriers faced by marginalized populations. Grounded in the values of community and support, Kootenay Kids Society is dedicated to establishing meaningful connections, fostering collaborative efforts, and championing a culture of inclusion. As part of the WKLIP, we eagerly anticipate furthering our commitment to these principles for the betterment of all individuals within our community.

Nadine is a classical voice graduate from UBC and honours student of Canadian College of Performing Arts (singing dancing and acting). Nadine has written, toured and performed in original musicals with her company Iron Mountain Theatre; you may remember her from shows such as Ski Bum: The Musical or Company Jump Andrews Sisters tribute. Over the past 20 years, Nadine has been a typical artist teaching private vocal lessons and choir as well as musical directing students in full scale musical productions with Triple Threat Experience. Her latest creative project is an original puppet show musical for kids called G-Rated. Nadine’s day job is as executive and artistic director of the Trail Arts Council and the Bailey Theatre; she programs performances and events for audiences of all ages. The Trail Arts Council aims to raise awareness of the arts and offer the community a way to experience the diversity that arts and culture have to offer.

Carolyn has been working with the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy since 2008, starting as a volunteer language tutor and later working as a program facilitator, settlement worker and Community Literacy Outreach Coordinator. Having lived in Japan for more than three years, Carolyn has a keen understanding of the challenges that face racialized newcomers. Carolyn has helped to develop CBAL’s settlement program and now acts as the coordinator for our team of 10 settlement staff throughout the Kootenay & Boundary. A community-builder at heart, Carolyn is excited to build on her work as the new WKLIP Coordinator.

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